High School Program

High School Program

Jocie's Beauty School (43)Have your career right out of High School:

Attend Cosmetology school while in high school and have your high school diploma and Cosmetology license at the same time! For only 20 hours a week, you will be set!



Hours:Jocie's Beauty School (15)

Classroom hours will run through the school day for students to attend while still in high school, Monday-Friday. Summer hours are available for the month of June for students to ensure completion by May of their senior year.

Cosmetology Course:

The Cosmetology program consists of a minimum of 1500 clock hours, providing education and training necessary to pass the written and practical exams, which are required by the State Board of Cosmetology to obtain state licensure.


Haircutting, Sanitation, Statutes & Rules,Salesmanship, Management, Manicuring & Pedicuring, Hair Removal, Anatomy & Physiology, Skin & Hair Care, Electricity, Chemistry, Shampoo, Scalp Treatments, Facials & Makeup, Haircoloring, Permanent Waving & Relaxing, Hairstyling, and much more!

Jocie's Beauty School (8)Up-to-date equipment:

Jocie’s Beauty School incorporates new techniques from the industry as it is introduced.  The school building was built in the 20s but has undergone massive renovation to make certain students are working in a pleasant environment with the latest equipment.

The latest trends and techniques:

New trends and techniques will be taught at Jocie’s. Specialized classes will give students an advantage in obtaining future employment.  Salon owners look for stylists who have a well-rounded education with practical application. They look for salesmanship of product, leadership, and management skills. Jocie’s strives to assist all students in gaining the confidence and knowledge to achieve their goal.

Tuition Payment plans available:

The cost for the full-time 1500 hour Cosmetology Course is $6000, with Clay Community School Corporation covering a portion of the cost.  Each student will be given four semesters to complete all hours required for graduation, along with a summer program for those who need it at no additional cost. A down payment is required at the start of each semester of $200, with payments of $200 per month, depending on available funding. Textbook rental and student kits are included in the tuition price. Student discounts are also available for all cosmetology services offered at the school’s salon.