About Jocie’s

Jocie’s Cosmetology School is conveniently located in Brazil just west of the courthouse on the south side of highway 40. It was founded in 2008.  Jocie’s provides the education and skills students need to become successful in the world of Cosmetology.  Jocie’s always educates students on the latest trends and techniques and offers modern classes for students to become one of today’s top stylists. Small class sizes mean a lot of personal one-on-one attention.


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School staff:

The school staff is committed to excellence, always getting new information to pass along to the students.  Rules and laws are ever-changing, requiring continued education by our staff to maintain the highest level of compliance with the State Board of Cosmetology.

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What students are saying about Jocie’s:

Jocie’s Cosmetology School has a friendly atmosphere!”

“Jocie’s is a clean school.”

“They have attentive & caring instructors with a lot of hands-on.”

“At Jocie’s Cosmetology School, they have good student relations & on-site security.”

“When I was a student, clients and students of all ages were welcome, latest trends were taught, and it was always a positive learning environment.”

Classes start often:

We have classes starting monthly! Our school schedule also includes a winter, spring, and summer break. A Diploma/GED is not required at this time but may become mandatory in the future for Cosmetology and Nail Technician courses.

Payment plans available:

 Upon registration and signed contract, Jocie’s will require a low down payment and the balance will be set up on an affordable monthly plan until tuition is paid in full.  Call today to discuss your interest-free payment options. 812-442-0100